June 15, 2012

Recently I was ask this question and was asked to answer it anonymously. But I wanted to share the hopeful insight.

"heyy, i just thought i’d let you know that i went for my scan today and got diagnosed with pcos =\ any advice on what to do now because i just feel like rubbish…"


I am so sorry to hear the results of your scan weren’t more positive. I remember how scared I was when I found out.

The first piece of advice I have is talk to your doctor. Talk about what you can expect, talk about the worst case scenario, talk about the best possible out comes and then talk about how to get there. If you arent comfortable talking with your doctor: change doctors or find a licensed health care provider who you can talk to about it. I was lucky to have a doctor I really like plus an aunt who is also a doctor. Find someone who can give you sound medical advice that you are comfortable speaking openly and honestly to.  

Next get pro-active. There is nothing worse than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. Do your own research and find out what you can do to help the situation. Diet, exercise, regulating hormones, alternative therapies, herbal suppliments, the list goes on and on of how you can treat PCOS. The more you take control of the situation, the better off you and your body will be. Dont stop living either. Remember the name of blog is livingwithpcos.

Hope this helps!

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